What is the difference between SUGAR-FREE and SUCROSE-FREE Chocolate?

Our chocolates are labelled SUCROSE-FREE because they contain dairy, which naturally contains a type of milk sugar called "Lactose". For this reason, by law, one cannot say they are SUGAR-FREE, but rather they are SUCROSE-FREE, which is our way of letting you know that NO SUGARS HAVE BEEN ADDED.
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Why has our Nutrition Panel’s Energy value changed this year?

One of the main reasons for redoing our tests was because we had recently changed some of our raw ingredient suppliers (the recipe stayed the same) and we felt that retesting was the appropriate thing to do. You will also notice that our new packaging reflects that we have now achieved Halaal Certification. The results showed an increase in Energy. We cannot determine how much of the energy value can be attributed to the ingredients obtained from the new suppliers, or to the polyol testing.
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What is the difference between Total Carbohydrates, Glycaemic Carbohydrates, Available Carbohydrates, or Net Carbohydrates?

Total Carbohydrates consist of multiple nutrients, including dietary fibre, sugars, polyols, and starches.Some of these nutrients are not absorbed, digested, or metabolized in the body to yield Glucose. Glycaemic Carbohydrates (also referred to as "available" or "net" carbohydrates) are those nutrients that ARE absorbed, digested or metabolized in the body to yield Glucose.
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